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Payday loans direct lenders

Payday loans in the UK are the best cash alternative for the short term. If you find it difficult to manage out of the monthly budget expense like an increased electric bill or sudden break down of any home appliances, then the payday loans are fast and reliable funds.
The application and approval process of this loan is so simple and state forward that you can get them with your mobile as well.

The FCA has well regulated these loans so you have not to worry about any cheating or fraud. You should always try to apply with reputed direct lenders only, who are registered with the regulator and you can cross-check their name in FCA’s register to confirm their genuineness.

The direct lenders have their own business ethics, and they have invested huge money so you can trust them. In another hand, the brokers are commission earning agents of the direct lenders and their objective is only to generate the leads as much as possible and sell them to the highest paying lender. So they may make false and unrealistic promises like “No Credit Check loans ”, “High Acceptance Loans”, “bad credit loans”, “instant approval loans”; you should aware of this.

Payday loans Direct Lenders will help you in getting fast processing of loan application because applying through a broker will take time to reach the lender. The business module of the broker is to optimize the commission; he will be the least bother about your urgent cash need concerns.

No Credit Check Loans Direct Lenders

What is truth in “No credit check loans with direct lenders”?

As per FCA guidelines, a lender cannot offer any credit check loans. All short-term loan approvals are subject to Credit Check of the borrower. Still, if any lender is offering you a loan without credit checks then you should tell to FCA for necessary action.

We at TextLoans1000 always make sure that no one of our associated lender mislead to the borrowers by making fake claims of no credit check loans.

If you are in search of “No credit check payday loans direct lenders” because of your bad credit, then we have some alternate solutions for you even with poor credit.

We accept applications with all kinds of credit ratings as we know your past history may not true as of today. This means if you can prove that you have the required loan affordability, then bad credit will be OK.

What is the fact of no credit check payday loans?

Payday loans are unsecured loans and qualifies for no guarantor loans. Now loan recovery risk from the lender's point of view is quite open. That is why a credit check is very important in payday loans.

Is no credit check loan is the only option for bad credit applicants?

Many loan seekers with bad credits are afraid of loan rejection by the lenders, so they always try to apply for no credit check loans which are prohibited by FCA.
But in the regulated payday loans market of the UK, now it is achievable to get payday loans from bad credit direct lenders with no guarantors with the one and only one qualifying condition is your loan affordability.

What are added requirements for bad credit loans?

For a secured loan or guaranteed loan you have to find a co-applicant with a good credit score or to put some immovable or movable property as collateral.
For short-term unsecured loans, no such security is required, your passing of suitability and affordability check is enough.

Are guaranteed payday loans no credit check possible? Guaranteed loans are a part of secured loans, it will not work in payday loans, which are totally unsecured loan.

Can I get fast approvals even with bad credit?

Loan approval process time is independent of credit scores. The lender will do a credit check for all applications so bad credit will not delay your loan approvals, if you pass in other checks.

Can I get online loans with no credit check?

Now a day’s many lenders have automated their processes to give their customers smooth and quick service. But loan approval rules are the same for online or offline, so online loans with no credit check are not legal in the UK.

How to get cheap payday loans with no credit check?

Payday loans and cheap loans are contradictory to each other. Payday loans are very high-cost loans, so they never termed as cheap. A credit check is part and part of the loan approval process so no lender can ignore it.

Can I get no credit check loans with a direct lender?

A loan broker or a middleman can offer you the no credit check loans because he will be free after selling your details to the most reward paying lender.
But the direct lender who is going to bear the risk of the loan and is regulated by the FCA, never ever offer you a no credit check loan.

No Broker direct lender credit check

If someone is saying that no credit check loans is available with them, then you should be alert because a direct lender will never say so. Either a broker or any sub-agent of a broker can make these fake guarantees. An FCA registered direct lender is bound to check the suitability and affordability of the loan. So it will be in your favor to say no to the broker and apply for payday loans with direct lenders.

FAQ of Payday Loans

What are the options for a payday loan application?
You can apply for payday loans with direct lenders or through a broker.

What is the direct lender’s approach towards bad credits?
For high approvals of payday loans, the direct lenders should prefer because for many of these lenders bad credit is OK.

What about payday loans for bad credit?
Normally payday loans for bad credit have no issue in approvals if you can prove your applying loan affordability before the lender directly.

How to compare payday loans?
Many payday loans compare websites are there in the UK, here you can find loan details of many popular lenders of UK.

Can I apply with bad credit?
Applying for payday loans with the direct lender has no restrictions for the bad credit applicants.

Who will responsible for a credit check?
Credit check in payday loans is always performed by the direct lender only, no credit check is being done by the brokers.

Is some special provisions for £100 loan direct lender bad credit?
For small funding like a £100 loan, a direct lender may accept your bad credit loan due to low risk.

What is the minimum amount of payday loans?
£50 is the minimum amount of payday loans that can be applied with direct lenders.

Are payday loans 12 months are available?
For 12-month duration payday loans are not a good option as they have higher interest rates.

What are guarantor loans?
For long term loan like 12-month payday loans, direct lenders may suggest you for a guarantor or secured loans.

How much time is required in loan processing?
Normally 15 minutes is enough in getting loan decisions from the direct lenders.

Short or long term for bad credit loans?
For small and short term bad credit loans will be suitable. If you required a high sum, then go for cheap long-term secured loans.

Is payday loans no credit check is possible?
For bad credit payday loans, direct lenders have no other option to perform a credit check to evaluate your loan suitability.

What are the best payday loans?
The best payday loans in the UK will work for you when you are ready to repay in the coming wedge day only, otherwise, it may be a costly transaction.

Which are the best, old or new payday loan lenders?
With the implementation of the new payday regulations in the UK, many old popular lenders have been replaced by brand-new payday loan lenders.

What will be the number of new paydays loan lenders in 2019?
If you search for brand-new payday loan lenders in 2019, due to reducing profits in this business the number will be very small.

What about CCJ loans?
In case, your credit score is down due to CCJ then payday loans are still available with the direct lender subject to your present loan affordability.

What is the main advantage with direct lenders?
Applying with direct payday lenders will shorten your waiting period of the loan decision. Applying with a broker he will take his time to pass your application to the lender.

What are guaranteed payday loans?
A guaranteed loan is applicable for secured loans for payday loan approval will be uncertain and depends upon the direct lender.

How to get guaranteed payday loans?
To achieve a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender with bad credit, you have to arrange for a co-applicant whose credit score is good or you have to put the security of any property that has value more than the applying loan.

How to get High Acceptance Loans?
For getting high acceptance payday loans with direct lenders you have to provide him all evidence about your loan affordability in the first instance.

How installment loans are suitable for bad credit?
The installment loans for bad credit with direct lenders are the only option for low-income borrowers. Here you can apply for a high sum and repay them in the small amount that is spread over in few installments.

How to get Instant payday loans?
Instant payday loan decisions are readily available with many direct lenders, they may provide fast loan processing as soon as in 90 seconds.
What about very bad credit payday loans with direct lenders?
Before approvals of loans for very bad credit, the direct lenders may ask you to reduce the applying loan amount, if your affordability is not enough.

How new payday lenders are helpful?
Yes, new payday direct lenders 2019 are offering some innovative loan products.

Is new lenders have a high acceptance rate?
Yes, you can try new payday lenders for a high acceptance rate because they have designed some new loan deals as per the need of the current market trend.

Why to prefer new lenders on brokers?
With the expansion of the UK loan market, many brokers are active now so before applying for the loan you should confirm that they are new payday lenders, not brokers.

Is direct lenders provide no credit check loans?
No credit check loans direct lender is only a marketing keyword because this type of funding is not possible as per current FCA regulations in the UK.

Is guarantor is mandatory for very poor credit loans?
For very bad credit loans no guarantor is required if you can prove your affordability to the direct lender.

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