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Payday Loans direct lenders no brokers

Following are few benefits if you choose to apply with direct lenders and say no to the brokers.
1. Have full control over the entire loan process: There are three stages in payday loan funding.
i) Application submission, you have two options either go through a broker or go to a direct lender.
ii) Risk underwriting and the decision by the direct lender only.
iii)Cash disbursement to your bank account by the lender directly.
So applying with the lender directly gives you an opportunity to complete the loan cycle in one place.
2. Quick and easy Text loans: As we know loans are approved by the lenders only so applying with them directly save your waiting time for a decision.
3. Save broker’s fee: Many brokers may charge upfront fees so you can save this by connecting lenders directly.
4. Save your data privacy: If you apply with a broker he will sell this information to the biggest bidder of your loan lead, in this way many lenders may get your confidential information. Applying with the direct lender will be a guarantee of your data privacy as per the rule of the land.
5. Negotiate directly: Dealing with the direct lender will give a chance to negotiate with the lender for loan terms and conditions including the interest rate.
6. No credit check loans direct lender: If you are a returning borrower of the same lender, and he has trust in your financial status, he may approve the loan without a credit check.
7. Instant loan by text: You can avail of this facility given by many direct lenders to their loyal customers.
8. Bad credit loans direct lender: If you have poor credit ratings, then you can convince the lender by putting supporting evidence regarding your current fiscal. For example, you can show your regular electric or gas bill payment receipt, bank statement, long term saving instruments to prove loan suitability.

How to identify the direct lender

1. If you are searching direct lenders with their websites, then try to pick the following traits
a. Check that they have the FCA permission number on their main page.
b. If the license number is given, you can verify it on the FCA register.
c. Find their customer care support number and check if this is working.
d. Find their registered address which can be verified on FCA documents.
2. Before visiting the lender’s office then check their review on the internet.

Why direct lender needed these brokers?

It is very difficult to manage and costly for direct lenders to invest money in advertisements, so they tie up with brokers to procure business.

Is direct lenders are bound to keep promises made by brokers?

Not at all, once direct lenders receive your application and complete their risk assessment called loan underwriting, only then they tell you their actual terms and conditions. This loan deed is a legal document and has bindings on you and the lender.

Why brokers are so active in the UK payday market?

After new payday loan regulations brokers are also regularized and licensed by the FCA. One broker can work with any number of direct lenders. Brokers try to find loan leads with their good packaged websites filled with impossible promises like "payday loans direct lenders no credit check" which is impractical.

How broker get paid?

Normally broker did not charge from you and they get small commission from the lender they sell your loan lead.

Is credit check is waved off for small loans?

For repeated and loyal borrowers £100 loan no credit check direct lender are available, as past record is already with the lender.

Why no credit check loan is against the borrower’s interest?

The UK payday loan regulator has made it mandatory for all lenders to perform loan suitability checks before loan approvals in order to save low-income borrowers from the spiral loan trap. In this way credit check is a security cover for poor credit borrowers, not a hurdle in getting a loan.

How payday loan approved?

For payday loan direct lender has special deals, as these loans have unsecured risk so bears high charges.

What about guaranteed loans?

For long-term secured loans like personal loans always a surety or guarantor is required, so they are called guaranteed loans. But for payday loans, no guarantor is needed hence guaranteed payday loan direct lender is not possible.

Is any special consideration for payday loans?

As the name indicates payday loans are mean to fill the cash gap between two pay dates so these short-term loans are available without any guarantor. Present loan repaying capacity is the only condition for these loans.

Is a direct lender providing mini text loans?

Yes, mini text loans direct lenders is offered by many of them. The loan amount ranges from 100 to £1000 is available with almost all lenders.

How fast I get the money?

If your loan suitability is established then, you may think of 15-minute loans from direct lenders.

What are legal options with lenders to recover loans?

Lender will get repayment amount from your bank with the auto-debit method, if you do not have sufficient balance on that day, the lender will try to contact you. If you agree with him for loan term rescheduling, then OK otherwise he may forward your details to the credit score agency for adverse entry.
The lender also has the option to take the help of a third-party recovery agency or continuous payment authority or file a case in the court.

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