Where can I get 100% acceptance loans?

If you are applying for a secured loan by putting some valuable asset into collaterals, then you can hope for a high approval rate of the loan.
For unsecured loans like payday or text loans, the approval chances will depend on many checks and balances put by the loan regulator in the UK.
If someone is promising you to offer a guaranteed unsecured loan, then you should be very conscious. This person or organization may be a fraud and not approved by the regulator FCA.

What are guaranteed loans?

This term is used for guarantor loans which are backed by the security having value more than the applied loan amount.

Why direct lenders do not have guaranteed approval loan?

From the beginning of the year 2015, the short-term loans are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA has made some mandatory rules to be followed by all the lenders. As per rule, a lender can approve the loan only after checking your suitability and affordability.

Is bad credit loans are 100% rejected?

No, Short term loans as payday loans are accepted by the lenders even if your credit score is poor. The only important condition is to qualify for their affordability check.

Is any relation between poor credit and affordability check?

Both are independent of each other. Your past poor credit score does not imply that you cannot afford the loan today, similarly, a good credit score is not a guarantee about loan suitability.

Why some brokers advertise for high acceptance loans?

The basic purpose of loan brokers is to get the most number of loan prospects so that they can sell this data to the highest paying lender. They have nothing in the stake, so they are free to promise like “100 % guaranteed approvals loan”.

Why direct lenders are so selective in loan approvals than brokers?

Brokers are the middle man; they have no role in the loan process. All the risk is to be borne by the direct lenders. In order to maintain the viability of their business, the direct lenders use to approve the loan after satisfaction of getting it back.

What are the drawbacks of loans with brokers?

1. Compromise with your data security
2. Delay in reaching your application to direct the lender for processing
3. Some brokers may charge an extra fee as upfront charges.

How to get 100 online loans?

Payday loans in the UK are available through a fully online procedure. The main steps involved are 1. Fill in your personal details in the attached form and send it.
2. Lenders' automated system will read these and react instantly, whether to go ahead or not interested.
3. If the lender decides to go further, he may ask for more details to arrive at the loan decision.
4. If the loan is approved, the money will directly credit to your given bank accounts.

Is my data being secured with textloans1000?

Text loans 1000 is not a broker or a lender, so we do not have any direct or indirect involvement in the loan process. We just try to educate visitors about the short term loan procedure. We do not store data of our visitors. For details please visit our Privacy policy page.

Where to apply for same day loan decisions?

You can surf 24/7 anywhere even with your mobile device. Most of the lenders provide same-day loan processing but money transfer may be delayed till the next working day if you apply on a bank holiday or after working hours.

Why Text Loans approvals are more than Payday Loans?

Text loans are provided for returning payday loan customers whose data is already with the lenders. It depends upon the trust build up between you and the lender for the fast approvals of the loan.

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